Nokia E63 Now Available in the United States

Nokia E63

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Nokia finally released in the United States its latest cellphone model from the Eseries:  The Nokia E63.  This mobile device comes with a full QWERTY keypad and a larger-than-average screen, as well as easy access to your favorite social networking websites.

Nokia has realized that their consumers wanted a device that deals with both their professional and personal lives, but at the same time it helps them separate the two.  This has become their aim in creating the Eseries, where people can be just as involved in their social network as they are in their business network.

Nokia E63 appeals to a new group of consumers not only because of its design that looks good in the eyes and feels great in the hand, but also because it enables them to do a lot of things with it from accessing their corporate e-mail, reviewing their schedule organizer, and work in their business network with its Wi-Fi connectivity.  But at the push of a button, the Nokia E63 switches into a personal mode, which you can view photos of your friends, read personal e-mail, and even access your favorite blogs or websites.

Aside from a wide range of multimedia features from a 2 megapixel digital still and video camera, music player, as well as access to thousands of applications that you can download, this device also has Files on Ovi, a unique service where people can access their PCs remotely even when their computer is offline.  Buying the handset will also provide you with a free 1GB of online file storage.  The Nokia E63 comes in two exciting colors:  ruby red and ultramarine blue.

The Nokia E63 is now available at Nokia flagship stores in New York City and Chicago, as well as in independent retailers and e-tailers at a sweet price of $279.

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