Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia tries to enter into the ultra mobile PC market with its own Nokia Booklet 3G. The market for UMPC’s has recently experienced a surge and Nokia is eyeing to be right in the middle of it. Although much is left to be discovered about the specs of Nokia’s new product, certain features have already been given out.

According to its press release, the Nokia Booklet 3G runs on the efficient Intel Atom processor. And with the various photos of the Nokia Booklet 3G, it certainly looks like a cool mini-laptop with is aluminum chassis with a slim design at just around two centimeters thin. It weights just a little over 1 kilogram and features a 10 inch HD ready display.

The new Nokia Booklet 3G also offers several wireless connectivity options. It supports 3G/HSPA as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. This mobile PC also has an HDMI port for HD video output. It also has an integrated Bluetooth support and its own SD card reader. It is said to also come with quite an impressive 12 hour battery life which would make it really attractive for people not wanting to frequently charge their UMPC’s while on the go. Other important specifications as well as pricing have not yet been mentioned and may soon be made available come September according to the company’s press release.

Image Source: Nokia

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