Nokia Booklet 3G Hands-On

Nokia Booklet 3G

People may have had their excitement over Nokia’s Booklet 3G doused after learning about its hefty price tag (US$599 without contract or $299 with a 2-year $60 monthly subsidy), but they cannot deny the fact that this netbook could be the tech world’s next best thing.  They just could not resist the premium features this baby has:  Lightweight, aluminum casing, two-finger-scroll touchpad, high-definition display, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card reader, and support for hot-swappable SIM cards.

Engadget recently got its hands on a demo version of the Nokia Booklet 3G and tried out if it could deliver A-class performance.  Unfortunately, it had some issues.  For one, the review claims that the netbook (or mini-laptop as they would like to call it) has really slow web browsing speed, which Nokia clarified as something to do with the demo’s use of British WiFi hence the slow speed.  Meanwhile, its display has a weak viewing angle, especially from above, and appears dim overall.

Let’s see how Nokia would resolve these hiccups in the coming months.

Image source:  Nokia

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