Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W

Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit Display

The Nokia CK-15W Bluetooth Display Car Kit allows drivers to conveniently make and take calls in style while on the road. This novel car kit consists of a clear 2.2 inch, clear display screen where you can view different phone menus from your car dashboard.

The 200 x 170 pixel screen allows for a more clearer view of the phone menu that makes it easy to read while driving. The large screen gives the driver a good overview of key functions that makes calling more convenient even while driving a car. The car kit display’s background color and theme can also be adjusted and personalized to match up with the car’s interiors and personal preference.

The wireless Bluetooth connection linking your phone to the car kit makes it possible for drivers with the eye on the road to browse through the phone menu even with the actual phone on their pocket. Handsfree communication is made even more convenient with a separate input device that is installed in the car, usually close to the user’s hand. The audio quality of the car kit is also quite good to allow a clear voice from the other line when making or taking calls.

 Image Source: Nokia

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