Nokia Asha 500, 502, 503 unveiled

Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 502, and Nokia Asha 503

Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 502, and Nokia Asha 503

While Nokia draws the spotlight on its latest Lumia gadgets, the Finnish mobile device firm has also introduced its addition to its entry-level Asha line, which has sold over 26 million units so far.

The new batch of Nokia Asha smartphone-featurephone hybrids follows the footsteps of the Asha 501. The Nokia Asha 500, 502, and 503 have the same multi-colored plastic casing as its predecessor, but this time they have an “ice” layer of transparent polycarbonate. The new Asha phones are available in bright red, bright green, yellow, cyan, black, and white.

One new feature these new Asha phones have is the ability to capture images with a single swipe. Follow that with a single tap on the screen and you have shared the photo instantly to your prefered social networks. These gadgets are also pre-loaded with WhatsApp messaging app. Meanwhile, the social feature on the phones’ Fastlane, a list-like display of recent activity, has become customizable.

Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 502, and Nokia Asha 503

Owners of the Nokia Asha 501 do not have to worry, as these features will be provided to their devices through an over-the-air update.

The Nokia Asha 500, 502, and 503 sport WLAN, quad-band EDGE, and about a month of battery standby time. The differences lie on one or two hardware features. The Nokia Asha 500 comes with a 2.8-inch screen and a 2-megapixel camera, while the 502 and 503 have 3-inch displays and 5-megapixel cameras with LED flash. The Nokia Asha 503 (pictured) has the most premium spec of all three: Gorilla Glass 2 and 3G network connectivity. While all three phones have dual-SIM capabilities, the Nokia Asha 500 and 503 are also available in single SIM slots.

The Nokia Asha 500, 502, and 503 cost $69, $89, and $99 respectively. All phones will be available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East markets at around fourth quarter, just in time for the holidays. Meanwhile, customers in Latin America will have the 500 and 503.

Source: Engadget

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