Nokia 130: Microsoft-owned phone with 36-day battery life

Nokia 130

Nokia 130

Microsoft-owned Nokia’s attempt to dominate the basic cellphone market begins with the $25 Nokia 130. It may look old school, but it comes with basic smartphone features such as music and video capabilities, as well as a battery that will last for over a month.

The Nokia 130 is the first Nokia phone unveiled since Microsoft bought the phone-manufacturing unit of the Finnish electronics company. Also, since Microsoft plans to ditch the brand, it is perhaps one of the last phones with Nokia written on it, but not before building up Windows Phone in developing regions where the smartphone market is blooming (even though it technically runs in a different mobile OS, the Series 30+).

The candy bar phone sports a 1.8-inch color screen (not a touchscreen), a nine-button keypad, and function keys in the middle. It has music and video capabilities, a built-in FM radio, and a microSD slot for up to 32GB of audio and recorded video. Its battery lasts 36 days on standby, which is an impressive amount when most smartphones would not even last 36 hours.

In a statement, Microsoft says its latest mobile phone will be available in selected countries, including China, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, and Egypt. The Nokia 130 will roll out “this quarter,” or until September, and will come with single and dual-SIM models.

Source: CNET

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