Nokero N200 Solar Light Bulb

Lighting is always an important part of daily life. Too bad it may not be as available in many developing countries as it is in here. It is a good thing that this issue has been addressed by companies like Nokero. They have developed the world”s first solar light bulb and with its new design in the N200 Solar Light Bulb.

The Nokero N200 Solar Light Bulb is a unique take on the conventional light bulb most people are more accustomed with. It looks a lot like an ordinary light bulb in terms of design but with a different take- it basically is powered by the sun.

The Nokero N200 Solar Light Bulb is made with 4 LED lights powered by a rechargeable battery being charged with a solar panel. The light bulbs can charge the battery using solar power and with the energy being used as light at night. The Nokero N200 is a wonderful alternative to provide lighting needs especially in developing countries since it’s power comes from renewable energy, which is free. This unique light bulb is available at Nokero for US$20.

Image Source: Nokero

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