NODE CO2 module measures pollution in air

NODE CO2 sensor

NODE CO2 sensor

Variable Technologies, a Tennessee-based company, began its path of success when it developed NODE, a small gadget that allows you to measure various variables such as your temperature or how fast you ran during a workout. Two years on, the team lead by George Yu has created an add-on to NODE that measures levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

The NODE CO2 sensor, or what they refer as “module”, attaches to the end of the main gadget like Lego bricks. This module tracks carbon dioxide levels by using infrared light to gauge the gas’ presence, then sends that information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Measuring the amount of carbon dioxide is crucial in determining the quality of air in your home, office, or any enclosed space. The NODE CO2 can detect the gas up to 400 parts per million. As it is, the module is only built for quick readings, but Yu hopes it will be abile to track CO2 levels over extended periods of time when it ships in April. He also believes it will soon be able to store carbon-dioxide readings temporarily, even when there are no smartphones within its 50-meter range. In that way, users won’t need to have their phones working when conducting tests.


The NODE CO2 can last for about 12 hours and works with iPhone 4S and newer, as well as iPad 3 and up. It is also compatible with a number of Android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. It already reached its $25,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.

The module is now available online for $149, but you also need to purchase the $149 NODE multi-platform sensor for it to work. The iOS-only NODE, meanwhile, costs $99.

Source: Mashable

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