No More Woof translates dog barks into human speech

No More Woof

No More Woof

Have you, as someone who has a dog in your family, wondered what it would be like if you understand every bark and whimper your pet makes? There is a difference when a dog barks out of aggression or out of anxiety, for instance, but some dog owners cannot tell them apart.

A team of designers from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery have come up with a device that would help translate those barks into something us humans would understand more. The No More Woof is a headset being fitted onto your dog, which can read brainwaves and translates them into human speech.

No More Woof

This gadget uses EEG sensors to monitor your dog’s brainwaves, determining whether your companion is tired, hungry, or excited. The information is sent to a Pi Raspberry microcomputer where it is processed and sent out as human speech using a speaker. The technology is similar to the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears, a pair of feline ears that move according to the wearer’s mood.

This project is currently under testing and development stage. A campaign has been put up on Indiegogo and the team has able to reach its $10,000 goal with 54 days left. Interested backers can contribute at least $65 to receive a Micro version of No More Woof, which can distinguish up to three thought patterns. A limited-edition early adaptor model, which comes with dual sensors and can read more than four thought patterns, can be yours with a $600 contribution.

Source: Inhabitat

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