NiteCore TM26 3500 Lumen Flashlight

Having that light source in an emergency is especially important for those who really need it. Just imagine being out in the woods just as night is falling. You are in dire need of a light source in order to find your way out of it. Or maybe, there is a power outage and you are in the dark. It pays to have a powerful light source that you can use during such instances. Although it might be overkill for some, having this NiteCore TM26 3500 Lumen Flashlight will come in handy anytime.

The NiteCore TM26 3500 Lumen Flashlight is just what you will expect it to be. It is a super bright emergency flashlight that is anything but ordinary. It is capable of providing an incredible 3,500 lumens of light when turned on. It is not called “Tiny Monster” for nothing. The features of this top-level flashlight are more than you can find in any other ordinary flashlight.

The NiteCore TM26 3500 Lumen Flashlight is just hand-sized but comes fully packed with features designed for survival of any kind. The body is constructed out of tough aircraft aluminum alloy for durability. It also comes with 4 Cree XM-L U2 LED bulbs that provides a quad beam totaling 3,500 lumens of light, combined with its precision metal reflector. And with a flashlight providing such a high level of brightness, there is always that risk of overheating. That is why the NiteCore TM26 also comes with a thermal protection circuit that prevents overheating. It also comes with its own thermal sensor and an OLED display to help users monitor the temperature of the device when used.

Given the powerful light that this flashlight provides, it requires a special set of batteries to provide the power. The flashlight uses four 18650 Li-ion batteries. It is also compatible with eight CR123 batteries as an option. Depending on use, the NiteCore TM26 can last up to 1,000 hours of use with the eight brightness levels to select from. It also waterproof, even when submerged for up to 2 meters underwater. The NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster is the ultimate flashlight that you can bring on that next camping trip. It is available at ThinkGeek for US$390, batteries not included.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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