Nissan Solar Tree Concept

With the future of cars going “green” and electric, there might be other technologies that may change along the way. The way people may power up their electric vehicles is just one of them. So far, there are quite a number of concepts going about how the future electric vehicles may juice up. The Nissan Solar Tree concept is just one of them.

What makes the Nissan Solar Tree concept quite unique and interesting is that it is not merely designed for function. There are also aesthetic features added into the Solar Tree. Its overall design makes it resemble tree armed with three round translucent solar panels. These panels will follow the sun’s orientation to capture the most energy at any time of the day. The charging method for this solar charging station is via a wireless charging pad found at the base of the tree. This Solar Tree concept was recently exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2010 by Nissan.

Image Source: Nissan

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