Nissan smartwatch: Yes, it exists

Nissan smartwatch concept

Nissan smartwatch concept

Can we officially call 2013 the age of smartwatches? Seems like every tech company will find a way to come up with its own computing wristwatch, the latest of which is Nissan. Yup, the carmaker Nissan — the first such company to do so.

The announcment is another proof that smartwatch may become the next big tech phenomenon, following tablets and smartphones. The likes of Sony, Samsung, and most recently Qualcomm, have unveiled their respective wrist-strapped devices. There have also been rumors about Apple and Google joining this growing category.

The automaker has announced it plans on creating its own smartwatch, aiming to provide drivers of its Nismo performance line of cars functions to monitor their vehicle’s performance among other things.

Not only the Nissan smartwatch concept lets drivers be able to check out their average speed and fuel consumption, they can also use the device as a heart-rate and biometric monitor. Since the device is strapped to your wrist, it is easy to measure one’s pulse.

“Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big thing, and we want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo brand more accessible,” says Gareth Dunsmore, marketing spokesman for Nissan in Europe.

The company remains mum about the timetable on Nissan smartwatch’s development and potential retail launch.

Source: USA Today

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