Nio Gadget Alarm System

Nio Gadget Alarm System

Gadgets and other small things like your keys that you bring along with you may be prone to getting lost. They may have the higher risk of being stolen or plainly being left behind somewhere without you noticing it. In such cases, you might need the help of an alarm system for your gadgets to notify you in case and lessen their chances of being lost somewhere.

The Nio Gadget Alarm System is a device that will help give you that first line of defense. The Nio is a small electronic tag that you can place on any device or valuable such as your key or even your wallet which you can then wirelessly establish a connection with your mobile phone or PDA via Bluetooth.

When you use the Nio tag on a certain item, you can then establish a security zone of your choosing that will allow you to always be at safe distance with your gadget or valuables. Going outside of this security zone perimeter and your mobile phone or PDA sounds an alarm notifying you that you may have left a tagged item somewhere before you totally forget about it. The tag also may sound to alert you to its location. It’s just as easy as that, but it is something that you would surely need to secure your personal valuables in your person. The Nio security tag is available at Bluenose for US$70.

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