Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor Aims to Relax You

Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor

In a published report by Nintendo last July, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata gave an insight on what the Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor can do aside from gathering information on how many times your heart beats in a minute.

After “some difficulty in addressing its product concept,” Iwata explained that the human pulse is more than just about our heartbeat, but also a source of various kinds of bio-information like the condition of the automatic nerve.

He further expounded that we get excited and stimulated as we play video games, and that the Wii Vitality Sensor can measure how horrified a player is in a horror game.  However, they decide to take the road less traveled and create a flagship video game for the Vitality Sensor that aims to “visualize how to unwind and relax, or check the condition of your automatic nerve by simply inserting your finger in the device once a day.”

Iwata said that his company would like to “deliver the actual product not too late in the year next year” (you be the judge on how to interpret that cipher).  He also compared the Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor with Wii Fit, which he said caused people to doubt whether it would actually sell.

The challenge for Nintendo now is to be able to attract a market beyond the seniors who would love to have their blood pressure checked.

Image source:  Nintendo

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