Nintendo Wii Classic Controller

Wii Classic Controller

Computer games come and go, but the most popular ones usually are etched in a gamer’s memory. The same way happens with classic gaming consoles. Even gamers today look for a way to relive the gaming experience that the classic games and other old gaming consoles once offered.

Along with this longing, some of the newer gaming consoles have tried in their own way to bring back some of the classic experiences of games past into their newer machines. Classic games are still quite popular after all. Consider the introduction of the Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii. It aims to let new gamers experience they way classic games are being played in the past.

The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller is designed after the controllers used in the older SNES and N64 gaming consoles. Its thin and traditional shape features the usual game control features in the classic gaming systems but can now be directly plugged into the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller can be used to play Virtual Console games as well as some of the current Wii game titles. For a taste of nostalgia on the Wii, this Classic Controller can be yours for US$20 at Amazon.


Image Source: Nintendo

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