Nintendo TVii Coming to Japan December 8

While Japan has yet to experience the Nintendo Wii U, the console maker has announced that not only it will be launched on December 8th, the Land of the Rising Sun will also get to have one Wii U feature that was lacking in the North American version.

The Japanese edition of Wii U will be shipped with the Nintendo TVii app. Also, the infrared remote functionality will cost 100 yen (about US$1.20) from Nintendo’s eShop. Data from its TV guide will be gathered from Rovi’s G-Guide service and is readily accessible even when you are not using the console, while watching a TV show or playing a video game.

It remains unclear when the Nintendo TVii is due to arrive in North America, while it will come in “select” European countries next year. In the meantime, gamers can enjoy watching video content through Wii U’s Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and YouTube apps.

Source: AV Watch, via Engadget

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