Nintendo Releases Flame Red 3DS Bundle

Unable to purchase the Wii U because it was sold out? If you do not have the patience to wait for another shipload of Wii U’s, Nintendo has revealed its Black Friday deal: a Flame Red 3DS handheld preloaded with Super Mario 3D Land. The bundle costs $169.99, saving you around forty coins.

Super Mario 3D Land brings the popular plumber in a three-dimensional world. Since it comes preinstalled in the 3DS itself, you do not need to shell out $36.99 for a separate cartridge.

The Nintendo 3DS may not have impressive sales numbers compared to its predecessors, but its larger cousin 3DS XL has been selling good according to the company’s recent quarterly financial report. Both devices feature the glasses-free 3D system, which utilizes a special stereoscopic panel on the top screen.

The Flame Red Nintendo 3DS bundle will debut on retail this Friday. Better be ready for all that pushing and shoving.

Source: Slashgear

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