Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

For all gaming fans out there, there is one thing that you have to know. One of the biggest gaming systems manufacturer, Nintendo has released a new game console. And it is called the Nintendo DSi.

The thing that we love about this is that the Nintendo DSi has been provided with two built-in VGA digital cameras. One is positioned outside by the outer shell and the other is at the internal hinge. In addition to this, it has a much larger screen which is 3.25 inches compared to the DS Lite’s 3-inch screen.

Moreover, it has five brightness adjustment settings and enhanced speakers. It has 16 megabytes of RAM, an internal Flash memory of 256 megabytes and an 802.11 WiFi. For its processor, it has an ARM9 that is about 133 megahertz.

Another likable feature is that it has an upgradeable firmware. With that, we can say it is much like that its competitor, Playstation Portable. It also has an SD card slot where downloaded software and other files like AAC audio or pictures.

Additionally, you can sync pictures taken using the DSi on the Wii Photo Channel. DS and DS Lite flash cards are also incompatible with the DSi. Also, the battery life reaches up to 14 hours, while employing the lowest brightness setting. It also utilizes parental control that is based upon the rating.

The Nintendo DSi is only 2.6 millimeters, much thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite. It has been previously released in Japan on November of last year. For its availability, it will hit the markets on the first half of 2009 and will cost about $192. Nintendo fans can find them on

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