Nintendo Announces Upcoming 3D Handheld Device

Nintendo surprised its fans and competitors when it announced that the company is developing a new 3D-capable portable gaming device tentatively named Nintendo 3DS.  This likely successor to the very successful DS and DSi will utilize autostereoscopic technology, which provides amazing 3D views without the need for dorky glasses.  It will also be backwards compatible, so you can play your favorite games from older consoles.

Unofficial reports from Japan suggest that the 3DS will even have a parallax barrier 3D LCD, vibration function, and a “3D control stick.”  This means that the screen would project different views when seen from another angle.

The Nintendo 3DS will be formally unveiled in time for E3 2010 this June, with a projected availability on March 2011.

Sources;  Engadget and CrunchGear

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