Nintendo Announces Black Wiimote Bundle

Nintendo Announces Black Wiimote Bundle

Nintendo game consoles have always been offered in different colors. Case in point: the Gamecube. This classic game console was available in black, purple, platinum, and blue I think, if my memory serves me right. Or maybe those were the customized stuff consoles that kids used to have. Still, at least it was available in colors other than black or white. Even the Nintendo 64 was available in black, indigo, and platinum, and even orange. But with the Nintendo Wii, it seems that we’re stuck with a sterile-looking console. Until now, that is.

Nintendo announced last September 1, 2009 there will be a black Wiimote bundle available in time for the holiday season. The bundle includes a black Wiimote, black Wii Jacket and even a black Wii MotionPlus dongle. However, if you want to get the matching black Nunchuck, you’re going to have to buy it separately. It may be just the Wiimote for now, but I believe a different colored Wii will be available soon.  

Image source: kotaku

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