Nintendo 3DS Unveiled

Just in time for E3 2010, Nintendo officially launched its latest version of the DS handheld gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS. It features a glass-free LCD panel with a 3D mode that can be switched on and off, making it compatible with previous titles. It also includes a motion sensor, a gyrosensor, and an analog stick, which suggest new ways of playing in a 3D environment.

The 3DS even has three cameras, compared to two in the DSi. One can be found on the inside for video chatting, while the other two are on the outside and are capable of capturing 3D photos. It can also playback 3D movies as Nintendo proudly announced its partnerships with Disney, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks.

Meanwhile, 21 major game developers are currently creating new titles for the Nintendo 3DS, possibly including resurrections of Rock Band, Metal Gear Solid, and other classic video games.

No word on the price and availability, but it’s definitely for the holiday rush.

Source: CrunchGear

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