Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date Revealed

Americans, Nintendo has heard you! Finally, the release of Nintendo 3DS in the United States was revealed to be on March 27, 2011, costing US$249, which is less than the speculated $299 price. Considering that the 3DS price is $70 more than the most expensive Game Boy, it is definitely a good deal.

The handheld device has the form of the Nintendo DSi, but it has a unique glasses-free 3D top screen, which is 10% wider than its touchscreen display at the bottom. It also has an analog nub above the four-way pad, as well as backwards compatible with DS and DSi games (although only in 2D). The purchase of Nintendo 3DS in the US comes with a charging dock, 2GB SD card, and your choice of Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue.

Source: CrunchGear

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