Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles Revealed

Nintendo 3DS is set to launch this year, with Nintendo unveiling the full list of games that will be released along its launch in Japan on February 26.

Titles include Konami’s “Winning Eleven Soccer” (retitled “Pro Evolution Soccer” outside Japan); Namco Bandai’s “Ridge Racer 3D”; Capcom’s “Super Street Fighter IV”; Tecmo Koei’s “Samurai Warriors: Chronicle”; Square Enix’s “Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble”; Ubisoft’s “Combat of Giants”; a new version of Professor Layton from Level-5 (most likely the crossover with Phoenix Wright entitled “Professor Layton vs. Turnabot Trial,” pictured); and three versions of Nintendogs/ Nintencats games.

You have read it right, no games involving Nintendo icons like Mario and Zelda, but tech observers hope that the games that will be released first in North America would be different.

Source: CrunchGear

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