Tablet-like Nintendo 2DS coming October 12

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has unveiled a cheaper version of the 3DS handheld gaming console. The Nintendo 2DS can run 3DS and DS games, except that this device has a tablet-like form factor. It cannot be folded, but the gaming device still keeps its dual screens (which is actually a single touchscreen with the handheld’s case covering the unnecessary parts). Also, the Nintendo 2DS can only play 3DS games in 2D mode.

Other than that, the Nintendo 2DS sports the same stuff as the 3DS: the stylus, WiFi connectivity, the 4GB SD card, the ability to host multiplayer games, and access to Nintendo eShop. Even its cameras can still shoot in 3D, even though you could not preview it on the 2DS screens.

Nintendo 2DS

It is also priced way lower. At $129.99, the Nintendo 2DS is $40 cheaper than its 3D counterpart. While that may sound cheap, bear in mind that prices of its games remain unchanged. You can never find free Nintendo games (we mean the ones you can acquire legally) unlike iOS and Android, but do not expect a Mario game to land on your iPhone.

Reactions have become mixed. TechCrunch describes the Nintendo 2DS as “hideous,” while a photo of the device being compared to an axe head has been going around social media.

The Nintendo 2DS will be available for retail on October 12 in blue and red color options.

Source: TechCrunch

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