Nimb Smart Ring

Nimb Smart RingPeople always care about their safety. It is a good thing that technology can provide some solutions to such concerns. While most people today tend to use the phone as a safety device to communicate with others during emergencies and accidents, it may not always be the best option available. Minutes can be lost trying to contact friends or loved ones which can also distract one from looking out for his or her personal safety during a certain situation. The new Nimb Smart Ring can provide that alternative to ensure that you will always have someone to contact at just a touch of a button.

The new Nimb Smart Ring is a simple and yet an essential safety device for people who wish to ensure that they have that feeling of being safe at all times. This wearable ring comes with a button that users can simply press in order to notify or contact someone during an emergency. Users can set up a profile on the ring on who to contact or notify in case of an emergency. And in case one does happen, Nimb users only need to press the button below the ring for three seconds for it to send out a message. The ring will vibrate to notify users that the message has been sent.

Not only that, the Nimb can also act as a personal locator that responders to your message can monitor in order to know your location. Users can also set the Nimb to contact several possible responders when the need arises. It is very useful for people working within a team or a community aside from among family members. Each member can contact each other through their Nimb Smart Ring, which will vibrate if it sends or receives an alert. Although a very simple concept, the Nimb Smart Ring can be an easy and convenient device for people who wish to feel safe at all times by knowing that notification or alerts can be send with just a touch of a button in case of emergencies. The Nimb Smart Ring is currently undergoing some crowdfunding on Kickstarter where interested parties can get one for $115. It is expected to retail for around $149 when it is available by next year.

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