Nils Frederking Folding Table and Chair

Nils Frederking Folding table and chair

Saving space has been the byword in furniture making in recent years, and German designer Nils Frederking has become the genius behind foldable furniture. In 2007, he presented his version of foldable furniture that literally takes a tiny fraction of space.

The F2 folding table is made from high-grade steel and laminated wood with a sophisticated patented folding mechanism. Unlike the usual varieties of folding tables that would still occupy the table’s length when folded, Frederking’s design would only take up almost half the diameter on its folded form. Aside from that, it appears so flat that is can be easily stored in any available space.

 Meanwhile, the F1 Folding Chair is a great complement to Frederking’s amazing folding table. Also made from laminated wood with steel framing, the furniture can turn into its sickle-shaped form in just two simple steps. The folded chair, which comes with an armrest, can also stand on its own and be stored upright in a square meter of floor space.

Image Source: Nils Frederking

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