Nikon Media Port UP

Nikon Media Port UP

Nikon, a brand that has been synonymous with DLSR cameras, have introduced a brand new line of products: media ports. The Nikon Media Port UP (pronounced "U-P") is a multimedia playback headset device that also supports Internet connection.

It incorporates display, headphones, mobile A/V player, WiFi capability, high-capacity memory, and power source in a single unit, enabling users to easily enjoy high-quality images, videos, music and even Internet browsing anywhere. The product comes in two models: the UP300 and UP300x.

The high-quality display incorporates liquid crystal display, backlight, and newly-developed optics that enable display zoom. It provides the user a feeling of viewing a screen as far as 50 feet away yet enjoying clear and beautiful images without distortion. Users can watch a variety of video files from Window Media 9, AAC, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2.

The display is easily adjustable, whether lowered to eye level to watch videos, below eye level for listening music, or kept in its storage position. Meanwhile, Internet connection through wireless LAN network is made possible with built-in WiFi capability.

The Nikon Media Port UP also comes with integrated amplifier and speakers. Users can also expect pure sound quality with minimal noise because no external cable connection is required, all while comfortably listening through large earpads made of soft, viscoelastic urethane.

The UP300x is equipped with an 8 GB internal memory, while the UP300 has 4 GB of internal memory. One unique feature about the Media Port UP300x is that it can be operated without using the hands, and instead through simple head movements.

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