Nikon D200 Digital Camera

Nikon d200

If you’ve ever held a new DSLR in your hands and it felt bulky and not so good, you’ll appreciate the Nikon D200 DSLR. What you get is a combined solid look and feel of an advanced piece of equipment from Nikon.

You’ll find that it also sports the same types of buttons on the Nikon D2X. You will also appreciate a larger viewfinder with the 2.5-inch format LCD display with 230,000 pixels. You’ll also notice that the top panel where you change your settings is a large LCD panel.

The megapixel resolution of the D200 is a whopping 10.2 and can shoot 37 straight JPEGs in burst mode and 22 in RAW format. If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to hold almost-professional camera, then the D200 is definitely for you.

You get the feel of a pro camera with the robust performance while capturing vivid images that Nikon is always known for.

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