Nikon COOLPIX S60 Camera

Nikon Coolpix S60 Camera

The Nikon COOLPIX S60 compact digital camera tries to offer users the means to capture great quality images in a compact device. It is the type of digital camera that can be brought along for parties and candid moments requiring little preparation. And for such, the Nikon COOLPIX S60 does pretty well enough.

The COOLPIX S60 features a 5x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens for high quality image captures. This digital camera also offers a resolution of 10 megapixels, making it able to stand on its own among today’s wide array of digital cameras. Other advanced features of the camera allow users to get better quality images by reducing motion blurs and providing exceptional clarity and sharpness for images.

The COOLPIX S60 also makes use of a 3.5 inch high resolution LCD touch screen display where access to the different features can be located. Additional buttons are limited to just the power and the shutter functions of the camera. This can be both a blessing as well as a nightmare, depending on who uses the digital camera. But all in all, the COOLPIX S60 digital camera might be a great device to bring along for point and shoot situations. It is available at the Nikon site for US$300.

Image Source: Nikon USA

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