Nike+ SportsWatch GPS

Wristwatches nowadays seem to tell more than just time. There are now several sports watches that can provide users with other data than may include heart and pulse rate, calories burned and even distance traveled. But the data provided may not be sometimes as accurate with measuring data such as distances. The new Nike+ SportsWatch GPS aims to change that.

The Nike+ SportsWatch GPS features a GPS powered by TomTom that can help track users better and provide more accurate data. When paired with the GPS of the Nike+ shoe sensor for runners, this watch can track time, pace, distance as well as calories burned and one’s heart rate. It also features a Tap Screen to allow runners to set laps as well as to activate the backlight. The new Nike+ SportsWatch GPS is set to be available at Nike Stores by April. No word yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Nike

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