Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport kit

Nike and Apple join up to bring you a very small tech training machine that can be your workout companion, coach and personal trainer – the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Transforming the iPod nano into a sophisticated and running-oriented training machine, this device can become as important a part of your workout regimen as the sneakers and sweats.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit consists of a small accelerometer embedded in a built-in pocket beneath the insole of a Nike+ shoe (the sensor can be left in the shoe even when not working out). The sensor communicates with the receiver attached to your iPod nano’s dock connector found at the bottom of the iPod, beside the headphone jack. The device measures your activity and then ransfers this data wirelessly to the receiver.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit can store such information as the distance traveled, the elapsed time of the walk or run, pace, or the calories burned by the person wearing the shoes. However, it is not able to monitor heart rate. The data are then displayed on the screen or broadcasted via the headphones of the iPod. What’s good with this device is that it is easy to use; accurate, and have some helpful features such as a "Powersong" option and voice prompts. The kit is available for $29.00 from Apple.

Image Source: Nike

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