NGS Artemis MP5 Player

NGS Artemis

The NGS Artemis MP5 Player is quite unique in that you do not really see quite a lot of portable music players that they that they are MP5 players. Well, maybe they are the next generation PMP’s that come out as the technology advances. Maybe it is in the features that this slim MP5 player offers.

The NGS Artemis is able play not only audio files but also quite a number of video files in a variety of formats. With a lot of audio and video formats available today, maybe it is quite useful to have a versatile MP5 player that can support files created out of such formats. It can also display still images that can be viewed from the player’s 3 inch full color screen. 

The NGS Artemis can play video files continuously for 3 hours straight while audio files go for 8 hours in between charging, thanks to its sturdy lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

The player, with its 8GB memory, has more than ample space for storage of the various audio and video files that one may collect over time. The NGS Artemis also has an FM radio tuner and voice recording feature, making it quite versatile indeed. 

Image Source: NGS Technology

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