NextGear-Note M750WX1 Gaming Laptop

For gaming geeks out there, there is something that all of you ought to know. Mouse Computer, a Japanese company, has released the newest notebooks that you may want to have to enjoy. It is the NextGear-Note M750WX1 gaming laptop.

This gaming PC contains features that will make you get your hands on one. It has a QX9300 processor Intel Core 2 Extreme, a RAM memory of 4 gigabytes as well as an Intel Turbo Memory of 2 gigabytes. Additionally, with a hard drive of 120 gigabytes, we believe this is ideal for game storage.

Moreover, this is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX Graphics Card. It also has a 17-inch LCD monitor with a 1900×1200 resolution. And, of course, it has the same features that anyone will want from a laptop: a WiFi Link 5300 connectivity and a 1.3 megapixel webcam.

With a price of over $3,600, we believe it reciprocates the idea of how noteworthy it truly is. But perhaps the best thing when availing this gizmo is that you get freebies like a Logicool G-5 LaserMouse with a steelpad Qqk mini.

The NextGear-Note M750WX1 gaming laptop has an operating system of Windows XP and can be run using Windows Vista. It is available on online sites like

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