Next of Kin Rocking Horse Series

Classic toys for the kids sometimes remain just as they are. Parents may think that it is that classic look that keeps the kids fascinated with such toys of old. But like I always say, it won’t do any harm to sometimes give some classic toys a modern and updated look by giving it a touch of something new. The Next of Kin Creatives have taken the challenge of doing so with their Rocking Horse Series.

The Rocking Horse Series from Next of Kin is actually a design concept that updates the look of that classic rocking horse. While older versions of the rocking horse usually has that image of a horse that kids can ride on and rock back and forth. But this time, Next of Kin has taken the different route by designing the rocking horse that is actually not your typical horse.

The Rocking Horse Series are two different designs for a rocking horse. The concept for one, the Dark Horse, is a modern take of what the horse looks like made out in carbon fiber. The other design, the Rocking Moto which follows a classic scooter design of the 70’s. But despite the modern and classic take on certain devices, the main function still remains the same. While the striking looks of the Dark Horse and the Rocking Moto may be intriguing for some, it may still remain like that since the toys are still in its design concept stage. But once kids begin to force their parents to have one, it may only take some time before they are made available for a wider toy market. For now, we can check it out closer at Next of Kin.

Image Source: Next of Kin

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