Thunderbolt Successor from Intel Unveiled

Intel has announced its next-gen Thunderbolt controllers with the a promised data transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps in both ways. That is double the speed of its predecessor. The announcement was made at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event in Las Vegas this week.

With such ultra-fast speed, the next-gen Thunderbolt controller, which goes by the code name Falcon Ridge, enables video professionals with the ability to display and transfer Ultra-HD 4K videos at the same time. The Falcon Ridge will come with a lighter, thinner cable, making it all the more convenient in storage and carrying around. It is even backwards compatible with all Thunderbolt-supported devices.

IGN has even hinted that such fast data transfers may mean the “dawn of the external graphics card for PCs and Macs.”

Production of the new next-gen Thunderbolt chip is expected to begin in late 2013, while shipping will ramp up next year.

Intel updates current Thunderbolt controllers

During the event, Intel also introduced DSL4510/4410 Thunderbolt controllers, with speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps–already much faster than the current cables available in the market. It comes with added DisplayPort 1.2 functionality when connected to native DP displays. It also has improved power management.

Source: Mashable and IGN

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