Next Gen iPod Touch to Have Camera and Microphone

iPod Touch

A source over at claims that a new generation of iPods is being developed in China.  These next-gen iPod Touch units will have built-in cameras and microphones, which is said to be part of a new kind of mobile communication:  connecting your iPod to a WiFi and a Skype application, and you have yourself a device that is close to iPhone using Verizon or Sprint network.  Other noted features, according to the rumor, include voice command recognition, image capture and video recording, and compatibility with a wide array of applications.

On the flip side, however, enabling voice-over-IP capabilities on iPod Touch may eliminate the need of having a cell phone, or at least have your "very own iPhone" without the exorbitant AT&T contract.

Representatives over at Apple have yet to comment on the issue.

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