Nexflix and TiVo to Partner on Movies

Neflix will be teaming up with TiVo Inc. to bring out the latter’s new featured service: the Watch Instantly feature. This will be available in 3, HD, and HD XL Tivo series. The great thing about this is that it will allow users have a thousand movies of streaming videos directly through their TVs.

This joint venture was announced on October 30, 2008, stating that they already have begun doing tests to test its capability on several households within the US. Tivo is the leading name in providing services for digital video recorders (DVRs), while Netflix is an online company that offers video rental service. The two companies have planned to provide almost 15,000 selections of movies and TV programs. All these can be done directly through Netflix.

The best thing about this is that movie-watchers can now expand the list of movies they enjoy. Streaming can be done through the Netflix Queue-based user interface. Wired or wireless broadband connections can be used in streaming the movies as long as it is on specified Tivo DVRs. Along with a Tivo remote control, users can pause, fast-forward, rewind and restart the movies anytime they want.

With this joint project movie-watchers can now have viewing pleasure in their own hands. Additionally, viewers can also do selections, give ratings and even read movie synopses. This shows that not only Tivo and Netflix can provide the best, they can also produce the best that there ever is.

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