New Xbox 360 Updates Connect Users with PayPal and Get Bricked

Microsoft has unveiled updates to the Xbox 360 that adds new features such as linking the user’s PayPal account to the gaming console (at least in some countries) and a tweaked standby mode.

Apart from the update, which will arrive in two weeks, Microsoft has revealed they received complaints from a lot of gamers claiming the recent firmware update for the Xbox 360, which supposed to add support for the new expanded disc capacity feature, is not working well in some units. It prevents “a very small number of Xbox 360 owners” from playing game discs, manifesting itself as “disc unreadable” on the screen. Microsoft has since reached out to the complaining users to have their consoles replaced with a brand-new 250GB Xbox 360 S and a year of Xbox Live Gold access.

If your Xbox 360 is also suffering the same problem, contact Microsoft immediately.

Source: CrunchGear

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