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Computer games seems like an indispensable must have for most of us especially with the young ones. It becomes one of our ways to release stress, source of diversion, entertainment or rather adventure. For these reasons is most probably why Windows Vista decided to revamp its available computer games. Here are some of the new games on Windows Vista:

Bee Movie is a game based on the film Bee by DreamWorks. The game enables the players the benefit of satisfying their adrenaline rush through chasing, flying and racing in the world of adventure of a strong willed bee.

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is another expansion pack of the Civilization IV. It has twelve different scenarios, sixteen new leaders, five new wonders, several new units and ten new civilizations. The civilization expansion dwells on the late-game time periods after the gunpowder invention.

Company of Heroes is made by the game of the year winners Dawn of War and Homeworld. Company of Heroes is a game with a setting if World War II from Relic Entertainment.

Battlefield 2142 is yet again, a war game with a fantastic high technology arsenal and weaponry. Players have the option to enjoy cloaking devices, sentry guns, assault rifles and other vehicles known to be the most lethal of all in the face of human kind. Futuristic war aircraft is ruling the skies and each player possesses odd high technology armor and countermeasures such as smart mines and EMP grenades.

Call of Juarez will take its player into the legendary era if the American Wild West. Call of Juarez is a role playing game of American’s Reverend Ray and Billy whose living in the said time frame wherein people are wild, outlaws rules and most are trusty with their six shooters.

The Club is said to be an urban legend wherein the criminals are paid tremendous amount of money so to fight in front of a lot of online spectators cheering as they gamble. The urban legend however is true they say and it is becoming truer with the game. Many people dies and get rich in the end. For the contestants, the mere rule is to fight without relent and with style.

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