New Twitter block policy pulled out

Twitter block policy restored

Twitter block policy restored

Twitter has backed out of its recently-updated block policy after users complained about how it would lead to more abuse.

Before the update, the users you block can no longer follow, reply, or send you direct messages, as well as include your account to their lists. The change would have turned the block function into an unfollow. While blocking another user would remove their tweets from your timeline, that blocked user could still follow you and reply to messages.

Tweeters were up in arms with the policy change, publicly posting their frustrations using the hashtag #restoretheblock, saying the move would make it more convenient for Twitter trolls and spambots to abuse and harass other users. Some users even described the new policy as “turning curtains into one-way mirrors looking in”

The social media company was adamant in keeping the new block policy, citing concerns that blocked users might retaliate. Twitter eventually gave in to the users’ demands, with Vice President of Product Michael Sippey saying, “We never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe.”

He also says his company will continue to “explore features” that would prevent abuse on the site.

Source: USA Today

Image source: 1000 Words/ Shutterstock

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