New Trent Travelpak Mobile Battery Pack

A drained battery is still quite a problem for many portable device users. While most try to religiously charge up their devices prior to starting up the day, there are still instances that they can forget and end up having a useless device without the battery power needed to use it. It usually happens when one may have a problem looking for a way to recharge the device. One good alternative is to have a back up battery pack such as what the new New Trent Travelpak NT400C offers.
The New Trent Travelpak NT400C battery pack is a handy back up battery to bring along. It comes with a 4000mAh battery pack that is compatible with charging most of the major smartphones available today. It also comes built in with its own AC adapter already integrated into the device so that you do not have to deal with troublesome cables just to charge it.
The New Trent Travelpak NT400C also comes with two USB charging ports that allow you to charge two devices all at the same time. LED lights are available in the device that indicates the level of charge that the battery pack currently contains when charging to provide user an idea of how much stored power is left. The LED lighting can also double as a night light when the device is plugged in for recharging before going to sleep. The New Trent Travelpak external battery pack is available at New Trent for US$45.
Image Source: New Trent

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