New Sony E-Book Readers Revealed

Sony PRS-300 and PRS-600 e-Book Readers

A posting by retailer J&R revealed the full specifications of the Sony PRS-300 and PRS-600, the very secretive e-book readers developed by Sony.  Of course, they were quickly pulled out before the store gets sued by Sony, but not before somebody has saved the cached copy and distributed it in many tech blogs, first appearing in Sony Insider.

According to the postings, the Sony PRS300-RC Reader Pocket Edition has a 5-inch, 800 x 600 screen and can store up to 512MB of onboard memory.  The PRS-300 e-book reader also has PC and Mac support, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a long battery life of up to 7,500 page turns.

Meanwhile, the 6-inch PRS600-SC Reader Touch Edition has the same resolution size and basic features as the PRS-300, only that it measures 0.4-inch thick and contains a virtual keyboard, a doodle capability, and a built-in English e-dictionary.

It is unclear, however, whether these e-book readers would have MS/ SD ports and whether these will feature some sort of WiFi connectivity.  In the meantime, start on saving those hard-earned recession money as they will become available for as low as $199.

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