New Panasonic Diga Plus Home Entertainment Systems Launched

Home entertainment is rapidly evolving with the many new technologies that abound today. But the only way for them to pick up and become popular is it more and more people begin to adopt them. This is where the challenge lies for many manufacturers of these new entertainment systems. But despite the risks, they continue on introducing new and innovative devices that may someday catch on, or not. Panasonic has introduced a relatively new system in its Panasonic Diga Plus entertainment system. It has recently come out with 2nd generation models in the Panasonic UN-JL10T2 and the UN-JL15T2.

The Panasonic Diga Plus home entertainment systems are composed of a hard disk recorder and a waterproof wireless monitor. The Panasonic UN-JL10T2 comes with a handy 10-inch monitor while the Panasonic UN-JL15T2 comes with a larger 15-inch wireless monitor. The wireless monitor connects to the hard disk recorder via a dedicated radio signal. The hard disk has a capacity of 320GB and comes with a tuner that supports Digital terrestrial television, BS digital, CS digital formats. The wireless monitor, also acts as the remote control device to navigate the different features of the system.

The Panasonic Diga Plus can record two different TV programs at the same time. There are also two options available for recording- the standard broadcasting quality recording and the extended recording option, which can extend recording capacity on the hard disk recorder for up to 435 hours. Watching the recorded programs is quite convenient with the wireless monitors that users can easily bring along from one room to another. Considering that it is waterproof, users may even bring it inside the shower where they can continue watching their favorite TV programs. The wireless monitor is also capable of Internet access, making it a more versatile multimedia tool as well. The Panasonic Diga Plus UN-JL10T2 and the UN-JL15T2 are expected to be available in the Japanese market around June 15. Pricing details are still not known.

Image Source: Akihabara News

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