New Maxell Nozzle Earphones

Maxell Japan is coming up with a new line of Nozzle earphones that aims to put comfort as a priority. Nozzle earphones are those types that are not as intrusive as in-ear headphone types. The Nozzle earphones simply fit into your ear and provide audio much like any ordinary earphone but with more comfort. Users never have to have it fitted inside their ears too much in order to enjoy the sound.

The new Maxell Nozzle earphones feature a 10mm driver unit that provides 96dB/mW sensitivity. It only weighs 13 grams and will be available in 8 different colors. The new Maxell Nozzle earphones will be out in the Japanese market by the end of this month. There’s no word yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Maxell

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