New Mac malware detected, may spy on your computer

New Mac malware detected

New Mac malware detected

You know by now that Apple devices can get infected by malicious software, so this does not come as a surprise albeit unsettling. A security firm has reported that a new variation of Mac malware has been spotted in Tibet and has the ability to spy on infected computers.

Researchers at Intego say that the malware, which the firm dubbed as “OSX/Tibet.D,” comes in the form of a Java applet embedded in a compromised website. It is a new version of the malware found last year.

Hackers who developed the malware attack a website and embed the software within it. Mac users are at risk of having their devices compromised simply be visiting the infected website. No phishing links nor download needed.

This vulnerability is believed to stem from unpatched computers that cause the Java archive to run automatically on the Mac, thus allowing hackers to gain access on the computer’s control servers and access remote files.

Similar malware attacks had been reported against the rebel Tibetan government and Chinese citizens who support the Dalai Lama.

Here is the good news for now: the said Mac malware seem to settle within anti-China websites hosted in Tibet. The best defense Mac users can do is to avoid visiting such sites. It is also wise to keep up-to-date with your software and security updates, as well as installing anti-virus programs. Java is not installed on new Macs by default and the OS X automatically disables Java in the computer if it remains unused for 35 days.

However, the OSX/Tibet.D has a potential to be used for other, more popular websites, that is if hackers are able to succeed in integrating the code. It is also unsettling to know that hackers can gain access to computers and monitor users.

Apple has yet to comment on this discovery of new Mac malware.

Source: Mashable

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