New Line of Integrated Audio Equipment from Yamaha

Yamaha YHT-350 and YHT-400

While other audio equipment simply adds more channels to its receivers, Yamaha took a road less taken:  Adding more speakers.  The company introduces the market to three integrated audio equipment.  First, we have the similarly spec-ed YHT-S350 (top) and YHT-S400 (bottom), both consisting of a receiver with an integrated subwoofer, through which different devices can be connected.  The one thing they differ, however, is how they blare out the high-frequency sounds.  While the S350 includes a pair of squat stereo speakers, the S400 offers a three-channel "air surround xtreme" soundbar.

Yamaha YSP-4100

Another audio equipment from Yamaha is the YSP-4100 (above), a tall yet slim soundbar with integrated receiver.  It is built to be mounted on the wall just beneath your HDTV, then can be paired with wireless transmitters for iPods and other media players.  The YSP-4100 includes 40 4cm speakers and two 11cm woofers, delivering what they like to call "the 2.5.1 channel sound."

All three models from Yamaha will become available in Japan at the last quarter of 2009.  No price has been officially announced yet.

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