New iPod Nano Now with TouchScreen

Even iPod Nano comes with a brand new design that would surely excite the Apple fanboys. Gone are the wheel buttons, but is instead replace with a touchscreen-based interface and is now shaped similar to the squareness of the newest Shuffle. The iPod Nano of today is almost half the size and half the weight of the previous version, with hard volume buttons on the side and a clip on the back. Battery life can last for up to 24 hours of audio playback.

The setback, however, is that it no longer has a camera like it used to. The video playback feature of the previous model is absent as well.

The new iPod Nano comes in seven color variants, including a Product RED version (the proceeds of purchasing this one goes to (RED), a non-profit organization aimed at battling HIV/ AIDS in Africa). Pre-orders will begin on September 6, Monday, with the 8GB model costing US$149, while the 16GB version will be available for US$179.

Source: Apple, via Engadget

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