New Dyson vacuum cleaners boasts more power

New Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson continues its tradition of churning out must-have household vacuum cleaners. The company’s engineers have been working hard to come up with household suction devices that are smaller and lighter, yet more powerful. This year, their new line of vacuum cleaners are just that and then some.

The latest list of Dyson vacuum cleaners consists of the DC65 (pictured), along with the cordless models DC58 and DC59. The new Dyson DC65 upright vacuum comes in three version: Multifloor ($499), Animal ($599), and Animal Complete ($649). It features a remodeled airflow and an updated brush design, which helps in improving suction by 25 percent.

Dyson DC65

For those who dread the wires, the cordless models also get a redesign. Both the DC58 handheld ($250) and DC59 digital slim ($500) come with new V6 digital motors that clock at up to 110,000RPM, enabling them to suck even the finest of specks that are stuck in your room’s nether regions.

The all-new Dyson vacuum cleaners will be available at Best Buy starting January 19, perfect for your spring cleaning plans. Speaking of which, what amazing cleaning tips can you recommend to an easy-breezy spring cleaning? Leave us a shoutout at the comments.

Source: Engadget

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