New Chumby8 WiFi App Player Arrives In April

Most of the people going online are usually there for browsing and checking out news, social networks or to play games. These tasks do not always require having a desktop PC or even a laptop, now that there’s the chumby. Even better, a new and better chumby8 is being introduced, touted as the world’s first stand-alone app player.

The new chumby8 will feature a sleek new design beginning with a more convenient 8-inch LCD touchscreen. It also will feature over 1,500 free apps that can be customized according to what one’s favorite apps may be. It is a convenient alternative to explore the Web aside from using your desktop or laptop to browse for online content. The chumby8 is expected to be available on April 5. It is currently available for pre-order at the chumby site for US$199.

Image Source: chumby

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