New Canon Printers Now With Fingerprint Scanners

Office spending and expenses seem to go outrageously high due to waste. Many experts may have deduced that a lot of the waste may have been through the office photocopier. In order to further reduce this kind of wastage, Canon is introducing a new Canon image Runner series of photocopiers armed with a fingerprint scanner.

The new series of Canon photocopiers from Japan features a Finger Print Authentication Software that was developed by Hitachi Software Engineering for Canon’s MEAP Advance enabled devices. The fingerprint authentication feature will allow office employees authorized to use the new photocopiers as the only ones to do so. This might just help control office wastage and save companies valuable money that can be used to pay for the outrageously high salaries of CEO’s. The new Canon photocopiers with fingerprint scanners is set to be available in Japan on July 8 for 128,000 Japanese Yen.

Image Source: Canon

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